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Alagra Products are providers of quality products for the keen and enthusiastic gardener, which are available from good Garden Centres and selected Garden Mail Order Companies.

The Original Growpot is essential for all gardeners who use growbags whether in the open or under glass. They bring the traditional and acknowledged way of growing tomatoes and other plants to the modern growbag. Both commercial and amateur growers have successfully used this method, known as ring culture, for many years.

The Original Growpot has been available for over 10 years and thousands of satisfied customers will testify to the great Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Peppers and other fruit or vegetables they have successfully grown, often to the envy of others.

The Original Potato Growpot is a brand new system for growing potatoes on the patio, in the courtyard, on the balcony or any other confined space. A far superior and more productive method compared to bags.

All of the products offered by Alagra are British Made and contain a minimum of 90% recycled plastic. Other exciting products are currently being prototyped so please visit us again soon.